b'WORK INJURY LAWIMPORTANT TERMINOLOGYAPPLICANT k k kk k DISABILITYk k k k k the employee or dependent (you)a physical or mental impairment that making the WC claim limits your life activities, including workAPPLICANTS ATTORNEY MEDICAL PROVIDER NETWORK (MPN)a workers compensation attorneyan entity or group of health care that can represent you providers set up by the WC insurance DEFENDANT and approved by the state to treat your employer or its insuranceinjured or sick workers company that opposes you in aPERMANENT AND STATIONARY (P&S)dispute over benefits or serviceswhen your medical condition has AGREED MEDICAL EXAMINER (AME) plateaued and reached maximum the doctor your attorney and theimprovementinsurance company agree upon toPERMANENT DISABILITY RATING (PDR)conduct a medical examination ofa percentage up to 100 that you to help in resolving your claimestimates how much your job injury AOE/COE limits the kind of work you can doarising out of and occurring in theTHIRD-PARTYcourse of employment this is a person that does not work for your employer or an entity, business, or company other than your employerThe WC system is complex, but its unique terms and language make it even more difficult to grasp.Above are sampling of a few key terms and phrases to help you (note: this is not an exhaustive list and you will see other terms used and defined throughout this guide).There are dozens of other WC terms, which an experienced WC attorney can readily explain to you as they arise during the pendency of your case. 8800-777-7777DominguezFirm.com'