18 CONCLUSION AND KEY TAKEAWAYS When someone or something takes away your most precious gift - your health - our civil legal system allows you the due process to seek compensation to “pay” for the injuries you’ve suffered, the costs of medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, and every other impact it had on your life. After an accident, feelings of dread, depression, and being overwhelmed can feel suffocating. Take solace that help is available from a capable injury law firm to help deal with most all of your needs after a serious injury. Taking action will not only empower you but will give you the best opportunity at getting your life back to where you want it. You have one shot at getting the justice you deserve. Follow the below tips to get you there. TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE INJURED A serious injury is any injury that seriously impacts your life. Serious injuries can happen anywhere, but typically happen in dangerous industries and on roadways. If you’ve been injured on the job, you can pursue justice through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance while you pursue justice in a civil lawsuit if a “third party” caused, in whole or in part, your injuries. The civil litigation process takes about 12-18 months to complete and is a multiphase process that takes exceptional skill and strategy to navigate successfully. Fundamental tips include seeking immediate medical treatment, documenting witness and scene information, involving the proper authorities, avoiding giving statements to insurance reps, and enlisting the help of a powerhouse personal injury law firm. k k k k k KEY TAKEAWAYS: TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE SERIOUSL Y INJURED 800-818-1818 • DominguezFirm.com