Any witness to your accident and to relevant events before and after your accident is vitally important, as is securing their statements shortly after your accident. Our firm is equipped with a team of seasoned, in-house investigators available 24/7 at a moment’s notice to secure time-sensitive evidence pivotal in obtaining top compensation for our clients. Of all witnesses that make a great impact at trial, third-party witnesses such as spouses, children, parents, coworkers, supervisors, teachers, family, IDENTIFY AND UTILIZE THIRD PARTY WITNESSES TIP NO. 4 12 TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE INJURED TIP NO. 5 UTILIZE TOP EXPERTS AND BE VERY WARY OF THE OPPOSITION’S friends, pastors, workout/recreational/sports partners, and any other people you see often can help paint a picture of who you were before the accident and who you became after the accident. With their outside perspective, they may be able to describe things about you that you didn’t even realize yourself. This is an extremely powerful tool when explaining to the opponent, a mediator, judge or jury why your injuries are so serious. An expert witness is a professional who has many years of experience in a certain field (such as an engineer or surgeon) that can be used by either side to help analyze the evidence, form opinions and conclusions, issue reports, and give testimony explaining their positions. Expert opinions typically fall into two categories: liability and damages. Two examples are an accident reconstruction engineer testifying about liability and a medical doctor testifying about damages. TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE SERIOUSL Y INJURED 800-818-1818 •