16 Communication is about listening and about being forthcoming with information. Your lawyer and doctors have gone through extensive education, passed rigorous exams and licensing tests, have undergone laborious studies, and have perfected their craft through years of practice. Listen to what they have to say, and do as they say. Does this mean you can’t ask questions, challenge their opinions, or have debates and discussion? Of course not! In fact, such discourse is welcome and anticipated. Moreover, never try to hide anything from your past from your doctors or lawyers, such as a previous similar injury or accident, even if you think it might hurt your case. For starters, if you’ve had any previous related health issues or accidents, the other side likely already knows about them. It’s far better for you to be truthful and upfront so your team can strategize and prepare for it appropriately. If you are caught in a lie, it will likely destroy your case. Thus, truth and complete honesty with your attorney is of the utmost importance. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR DOCTORS AND LAYWERS TIP NO. 8 TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE INJURED TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE SERIOUSL Y INJURED 800-818-1818 • DominguezFirm.com