BE PATIENT; SERIOUS INJURY CASES TAKE TIME TIP NO. 2 HIRE A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL TRIAL FIRM TIP NO. 3 TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE INJURED A serious injury case typically takes longer to resolve than a minor injury case for two main reasons. First, serious injuries are far more difficult to assess, evaluate, diagnose, treat, and determine a future prognosis as opposed to smaller, minor injuries. Second, even if you have a clear picture about your medical condition and your future, because so much money is at stake, insurance companies and their lawyers typically dig in their heels and drag things out for as long as possible to delay having to pay. And even in the very rare instance that your opponent warms up to the idea of possibly paying you a just and fair compensation, because insurance companies work in layers, the more money that your case is worth, the more layers of people, resistance, and corporate bureaucracy you have to cut through. You only have one shot at recovering the financial compensation necessary to secure your life, so be patient and know your doctors and lawyers have your best interests in mind and that serious injury cases usually take longer to resolve. Nothing strikes more fear in insurance companies, defendants, and defense attorneys than the thought of going to trial and getting hit with a huge verdict. Having a highly successful trial firm on your side is the first step to getting the justice and compensation you deserve. Insurance companies know who the heavy hitters are and will automatically respect your case when they see you’ve enlisted the help of a top trial law firm. Our firm has won over 70 cases with million or multi-million dollar results. Furthermore, on qualifying cases we may be able to arrange for a monetary loan, secured from the proceeds of your case, to assist you while you are recovering and unable to work. A lot of lawyers claim to be trial lawyers, but many simply aren’t heavy hitters. Read the fine print. Look over their website in detail. Ask specific questions. You have one shot at maximizing your recovery and while you can change lawyers at any time, it is always best to start strong and finish strong to maximize the value of your case and ensure that irrevocable mistakes aren’t made from the outset that could jeopardize your case. Ask them to tell you about their court-room achievements, remarkable settlements, and importantly, jury verdicts. Beware of firms that tout trial victories, but only refer their clients to real trial firms and are simply coat-tail associated for the alleged victory credit! 11 TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE SERIOUSL Y INJURED 800-818-1818 •