Mother’s Day in Los Angeles

Mother’s Day in Los Angeles

One of the great developments of the last century or so is the celebration of Mother’s Day. Now a near universal holiday, Mothers around the globe are celebrated each year for their tireless efforts, iron will, and loving devotion in raising their children. While the official US Mother’s Day holiday is held on the second Sunday of May, in Mexico it is celebrated on the same day annually – May 10th. Mothers Day

This year, we have the fortune of Mother’s Day falling on the same weekend for both the American and Mexican holidays. While this means you have no good excuse to forget, it also gives us good cause to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts for an entire weekend (not nearly as much as they deserve).

The Origin of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time for children to honor and celebrate their mothers with colorful celebration. While an unofficial holiday in Mexico (and the United States), Mother’s Day is celebrated universally. Traditionally, sons and daughters will return to the family home on the evening of May 9th and then spend the day on the 10th celebrating their mother and what she has done for them.

The holiday, however, has only been a part of Mexican culture since 1922. While it was observed in the United States before then, it was only in 1922 when Rafael Alducin, a journalist in Mexico, wrote that the entire country should celebrate a Dia de las Madres that it was taken up. While Mother’s Day changed over the following two decades multiple times, it eventually settled on May 10th and has become a part of our shared culture ever since.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

You can and should celebrate Mother’s Day however you and your family deem fit. As long as you spend that day with your Mother (or wife) and celebrate what she has done to raise you and the rest of your family, you’re doing it right. This generally means sending flowers and cards, as well as some small gifts (often handmade by smaller children). A quick visit to your local greeting card store will show that this is not only the tradition, but strongly encouraged.

While most events in Los Angeles are held on the weekend, a nice quiet dinner or afternoon with your mother is a perfect way to spend the day, especially in anticipation of a Mother’s Day brunch or day on the town with Mom on the 12th when the rest of the city celebrates. Enjoy the day and celebrate your mothers (or your children if you are a mother!). We certainly will.