Memorial Day

Memorial Day

It’s mid-May and that means we are rapidly approaching that special time of year when vacations are in full swing and holidays are just around every corner. As you prepare for your summer, I wanted to set out some of the more important upcoming dates of the next couple of months.

Upcoming Holidays

With Mother’s Day, Ascension and Pentecost all behind us, the next major holiday on the calendar is Memorial Day. One of the biggest holidays on the US calendar each year, Memorial Day is a time to gather with friends and family and remember those who served bravely, fought and died in service to their country.

Planning for Your Summer

Remember as you plan for the summer to travel safely. If you go on any trips this summer, have clear plans set out in advance, stay in a respected hotel off the first floor and always travel in groups. While most tourist destinations are safe enough, it is those that avoid taking chances that are most likely to have a good time without any problems.

As a Los Angeles attorney who speaks with clients and community members every year about the dangers (and joys) of summer vacations and holiday celebrations, I have firsthand accounts of just how important it is to be careful wherever you happen to be visiting – whether it’s Sea World in San Diego or family in Mexico.

With Memorial Day almost here, and a full month of pre-summer and summer celebrations on tap, it’s time to start planning to ensure you have the most enjoyable possible time this year.