Ascension Day

Ascension Day

Being the fortieth day of Easter, Thursday, May 14th is Ascension Day. For anyone reading this, it is a day of feasting, celebration, and events located throughout the city of Los Angeles. I’ve been an attorney in the city for many years and I am still proud to live in a city that so thoroughly commemorates Ascension Day.

Rather than list the activities or events happening in Los Angeles this year – and there are quite a few community events being held in community centers, churches and cathedrals throughout the region – I wanted to focus on what this day means to me and the community and how many will be celebrating it.

The Meaning of Ascension Day

As most probably know, Ascension Day celebrates the final bodily ascension of Jesus to heaven, always held forty days after Easter. While some may celebrate on the following Sunday, the day remains one of the most important in the Christian faith.

As a devout community, I see the importance of this day to Mexican Americans and immigrants alike, a day on which we celebrate the consecration of an entire faith. It’s important, not just to the faithful but to anyone who serves the community, as I do in my capacity as an area attorney.

How Ascension Day is Commemorated

As with any holiday with such personal significance, there is no right way to celebrate Ascension Day, but I can share with you what I’ve seen in my years as a Los Angeles attorney working with community members.

Attending Service – The most common activity on Ascension Day is of course to attend church services. Especially for Catholics in the area, the day is an important and joyful service, one of the most moving of the year, on par with Christmas and Easter services.

Feasting – It’s called the Feast of the Ascension for a reason. Whether you will be celebrating on May 14th or waiting for the weekend to celebrate, this is a day truly worthy of a feast.

While not a public holiday in Los Angeles, there are many among us that are lucky enough to have a four day weekend to commemorate Ascension Day. If so, you can do just about anything with those extra days, especially considering Mother’s Day is that weekend. Whatever your beliefs, be sure to wish your faithful friends a good Ascension Day this Thursday.