When Your Motorcycle Accident is Caused by Defective Parts

car on motorcycle accident If you’re an enthusiast, the motorcycle itself is a big part of the allure. The power, the sound, the acceleration. When a part or a system on your motorcycle fails, however, it can often cause a catastrophic motorcycle accident that can result in very serious injuries or even death.

Recalls involving motorcycles occur frequently. Just this past year 2017, Harley Davidson recalled 57,000 of its motorcycles for a faulty oil line that could spill oil in the path of the rear tire.

While manufacturers should inform you about recalls, you should not wait to be told about a dangerous part. Instead, check sites like Motorcycle USA for recalls.

Additionally, manufacturers, such as Harley Davidson, allow you to enter your VIN number on their website to search for recalls.

If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle injury accident and you suspect a faulty part was the cause, you will need a motorcycle accident injury lawyer to thoroughly investigate the accident and hold at-fault parties responsible, and that may include a a products liability lawsuit.

The most important step to determining if a faulty product caused your motorcycle crash is to preserve and store the motorcycle and all of its parts. The best way to do so is to engage a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident to handle all of that for you. Once preserved, your motorcycle injury lawyer can then analyze your accident and form a team of experts to determine exactly what happened. Experts can include design and manufacturing experts, mechanical engineers, accident reconstruction experts, and others.

Some common failures and recalls have included:

  • Brake issues and failure
  • Defective steering mechanism (wobbling)
  • Faulty tires
  • Faulty fuel Systems (leaks, explosions, burns)
  • Design and handling issues
  • Clutch issues

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