Can Airbags Reduce Pedestrian Crash Deaths?

Can Airbags Reduce Pedestrian Crash Deaths?

With dense urban areas becoming more pedestrian friendly, the interactions between cars and people, whether they are walking, on skateboard or on bicycles, is on the rise — with deadly results. The pedestrian airbag is aimed at curbing these high death rates.
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Sounds strange, right? You might ask, an airbag on the outside of my car? Yes, that is exactly correct.

According to a recent USA Today article, a pedestrian usually suffers severe or deadly injury from the secondary impact of hitting the frontal area of the car near the windshield or the front roof pillars. That same article notes an 11 percent increase in pedestrian traffic deaths in 2016 alone, an alarming rate.

While many automakers are in the process of developing this new safety feature, the Volvo V40 is already equipped with it.

Check out this video to see how such an airbag is supposed to work in theory.

As you will see, the airbag explodes and covers the lower portion of the windshield and wiper area and then extends vertical along the two frontal roof pillars.

According to Volvo, the purpose of the airbag is two-fold. First, when the airbag deploys it will lift the hood up, which will provide a cushion between the easily dented hood and the immovable, fixed engine below it. Secondly, the airbag will cushion the pedestrian (usually their head) from smashing into the frontal area of the car. The airbag is triggered by sensors mounted into the bumper of the car that are supposed to decipher between human contact and contact with an object.

New technology always raises concerns and questions. For example, what if the airbag malfunctions and deploys at an inopportune time and your vision is severely obstructed? What if the airbag doesn’t deploy during a pedestrian strike? Will the airbag be able to sense a strike to a bicycle? Or a motorcycle?

As is often the case with new products in the marketplace, car accident lawyers will be there to hold manufacturers accountable should their car features not perform correctly through product liability claims. This serves a very important role in society, which is to make sure everyone is held accountable and to ensure the advancement of technologies so that all of its dangerous quirks are worked out.

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